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Agora is skilled at...


Branding / Marketing

Our expert team crafts compelling brand identities, devises innovative marketing campaigns, and delivers measurable results.


Google Business Set up

By creating an engaging Google My Business profile to optimizing your online visibility with accurate information, we ensure your brand stands out in local searches.


Photo / Videography

With an artistic eye and cutting-edge equipment, our team of skilled professionals will turn your vision into stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact and evoke emotions.


SEO Set up

We meticulously analyze your website, conduct in-depth keyword research, and implement data-driven strategies to boost your search engine rankings.


Web / App Design

Our expert designers craft visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces that elevate your digital presence and enhance the user experience.


News / Ads

We deliver timely and reliable news updates across various industries, keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments and trends.

Our Team's

Working Process


Discovery and Strategy

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- The manager leads the initial phase, understanding the client's requirements, goals, and target audience.

- The marketer conducts market research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and challenges.

- The team collaborates to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including branding, content, and promotion plans.

Design and Content Creation

- Designers work on creating visually appealing and on-brand assets, including graphics, logos, and website layouts.

- Photographers/videographers capture high-quality images and videos that align with the brand's messaging and vision.

- Content creators craft engaging and compelling copy for websites, social media, blog posts, and other marketing materials.


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Development and Implementation

- Developers take the approved designs and turn them into functional websites, applications.

- The team ensures that the website is responsive, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines (SEO).

- Managers oversee the project timeline, ensuring smooth communication between team members and clients.

Advertising and Promotion
Social Media and Content Distribution

- Marketers execute targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms, such as social media, search engines.

- The team monitors campaign performance, making data-driven decisions to optimize ad spend and improve results.

- Photographers/videographers contribute visual content, and the team ensures consistency in branding and messaging.

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- Managers and marketers analyze data from various marketing channels to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

- The team prepares comprehensive reports, highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) and providing insights for future improvements.

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Analystics and Reporting

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